Reciprocal Clubs

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia has one of the most extensive reciprocal lists of any club in the country, having relationships with over 220 clubs worldwide. Members of the club enjoy the extraordinary benefit of choosing from a plethora of 5-star accommodations and facilities in nearly every major city across the globe during business and personal travels.

A Racquet Club member in search of overnight accommodations, dining reservations or use of athletic facilities must contact the visiting club directly.  In order for a member to use reciprocal facilities, a letter of introduction must be sent by The Racquet Club.  Letters of introduction are only issued to members in good financial standing with the club.

After personal arrangements are made, please contact the Front Desk Manager, Devron Owens at or 215.735.1525 to request a letter of introduction. In order to expedite your request, please provide your name, membership number, the name of the reciprocal club, and the dates of your visit.

Guests are not permitted to visit reciprocal clubs unless accompanied by a Racquet Club member.

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