Dress Code

Club members and guests are required to wear business casual attire in the Clubhouse. Appropriate business casual dress includes clothing that is neat, in good condition, and includes long pants, collared shirts, sport coats, dresses and skirts, sweaters, blouses and appropriate footwear. Short pants and collarless shirts (on men) are not permitted.

All members and guests should remove hats, caps, and visors in all areas of the Clubhouse with the exception of the Athletic floor. No Member, Member’s family member, or guest(s) in athletic clothing may make use of any part of the Clubhouse below the second floor, except while proceeding to and from participation in athletic events. Entrance to the Clubhouse for those wearing athletic attire will be restricted to the Sydenham Street entrance during normal hours.

At no time is the following attire acceptable in the Clubhouse: short pants, sweat pants, tank tops, clothing displaying inappropriate messages, ripped, torn, or frayed clothing, extremely casual or beach foot-wear (men’s sandals, “flip flops”etc.), spandex, lycra, and tight fitting or revealing clothing.

Denim is permitted only from Friday evening through Sunday evening in the 1889 Pub and Grille and the third floor.