The Racquet Club’s athletic professionals have years of experience training and coaching children on the squash court. Whether your child is an active player on the junior tournament circuit, or a beginner eager to develop the skills to succeed, our team has the knowledge and patience to help them on their competitive journey.  

Current School Programs:

Currently, the Pro Shop coaches both the Friends Select and St. Joseph’s Prep high school squash teams during the winter sporting season. Student-athletes from these schools come to the club several times a week, after school, to train with our coaching staff. The continued development and success of these teams is a testament to the skill and hard work of our professional staff.

Professional Instruction:

Many members at the Racquet Club also enlist the talents of the Pro Shop to teach their children how to play the game. Individual lessons and group clinics are both available to teach your child new skills on the court, such as improved self-discipline, increased cardiovascular endurance, improved hand-eye coordination, and increased self-confidence. 

For more information on how to sign up your child for individual lessons or clinics, email or call 215-772-1544.

Junior squash clinics are held several times per year, and are available to the children of members at the club (ages 14 and under). Clinics help children to learn proper squash technique while participating in drills, round robins, and match play. This is a great way to learn the game while having fun and socializing with other children.

For more information regarding clinics, please contact the Pro Shop by calling (215) 772-1544. 

Inter-Club will consist of 3 Junior levels. Beginner team is for ages 8 – 10 years old, Intermediate is for 11 – 14 years old or very little match play experience and the Advanced team is ages 14+ with some tournament experience. The matches are played on Sundays throughout the season against different clubs throughout Philadelphia. These competitions are a great way to get match experience in a fun environment.

Inter-Club players are broken up into 4 teams BeginnersIntermediate, and Advanced 1 & 2.

This will be a new feature to our junior program to help train and develop our tournament players. The program starts in the fall and coordinates a 10 Sunday calendar with the local junior tournament schedule. 90-min training sessions are $30 each which include one hour of squash and a 30-minute workout to stay in tournament shape. These sessions will include intense work on developing racquet skills, strategies, movement, mental toughness, and court awareness. 

Contact the Pro Shop at for more information!