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Racquet Club members are invited to join the second installment of this new discussion group that will focus on political conversation among friendly opponents.  The purpose of this group is to create conversation and understanding across the political gaps that divide us by bringing together a group of people with disparate viewpoints who are interested in listening to and talking with each other. The group is aiming to assemble at least 8-12 people — Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, etc., are all invited to meet monthly, and have a continuing conversation over time.

If you want to speak without rancor, and listen with an open heart, please email club member, Phil Straus, at phil@strausphoto.com to express your interest in participating in this new group. Members should be prepared to share information about their own political views and why they want to join the group. We will be discussing difficult, and potentially divisive issues in an effort better understand the opinions across the aisle. The goal is to have civil conversations about hot topics about which we may disagree.