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The Racquet Club of Philadelphia Winter 2017 Backgammon Tournament

The draws are posted at The Racquet Club in the Gold Leaf Cafe. Members are responsible for scheduling games with his or her opponents. Games that remain un-played for an unreasonable amount of time will be decided by a coin toss. Any player who fails to show up for a scheduled game or arrives more than fifteen minutes late will forfeit the game.

Semi-final and final – Feb. 23, 2018
The semi-finals and finals will both be held on Friday, February 23rd starting at 6pm.

Gold Paint
This tournament is for gold paint. The A league already has a board in the lunch room. A new board will be obtained for the B league.

For a full list of rules, see http://www.bkgm.com/rules.html. Please note the following: there will be no automatic or “natural” doubles at the start of a game and no “beavers”. The Crawford Rule will be in effect. The Jacoby Rule is optional and to be determined prior to the beginning of each match by the players.

The winner of the final round is the first to 11 points. The semi-final first to 9. All other games are played first to 7. For more information please contact Clemence Scouten at clemence.scouten@gmail.com. All members are invited to attend and watch the Semi-Finals and Finals.