Electronics Policy

Cell Phone and Electronic Device Usage 

In order to avoid unduly restricting personal cell phone usage while meeting the Club’s longstanding commitment to respecting the privacy and comfort of all Members and guests, the House Committee with Board approval, has adopted the following policy:

  1. Upon entry into The Racquet Club all cell phones are to be either (a) turned off altogether; or, (b) set to “silent” or “vibrate” mode, thereby permitting Members and their guests to receive calls that they can then return in the accepted and designated areas, via cell phones or through the unlimited, local-use phones that are made available for such purpose in designated areas of the clubhouse.
  2. If a Member or his or her guest must use his or her cell phone, usage is restricted to the business center, Waiting Room, or existing phone booths currently designated and marked on the 1st Floor and 3rd Floor levels.
  3. Use of cell phones for soundless communication (e.g., texting) in other areas should be discrete and of very limited duration.

In addition, the use of laptops, tablets and other electronic devices for conducting business, including editing and composing documents, and engaging in active and sustained communication such as composing and responding to emails, shall be limited to the Business Center or appropriately engaged private rooms.  The passive and discrete use of tablets or cell phones for reading is permissible in the Gold Leaf Café and 1889 Pub.