Prospective members must be proposed by a current member and a secondary member, both in good standing at the club. To begin the application process, the candidate must fill out the application and send a copy of his or her government-issued photo ID to the Membership Coordinator. Proposing and seconding members are then required to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of the prospective member. These letters are then forwarded to the Elective Committee along with the completed membership application. Once the application and letters have been received and accepted, the name of the proposed candidate will be posted in the club for at least two weeks. Upon the conclusion of the posting period, all applicants will be invited to meet with the Elective Committee.

The meeting is held every second Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm in the 1889 Pub & Grille. Business dress attire is required. After interviewing with the Elective Committee, candidates are informed of their acceptance or rejection of membership within one week.

For further information, please contact Membership & Events Coordinator Dave Wright at 215.772.1555, or