US Open Singles and Doubles

Saturday, February 25th, 2016 – Monday, March 6th, 2016

All entries will be acknowledged by a return email.

The event will be run in accordance with the USCTA Laws of Tennis & the USCTA U.S. Open Tournament Rules.

The purse for the singles and doubles is anticipated to be $30,000

The singles draw is limited to the top […]

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Harvest Dinner

Supper Club: Harvest Dinner

The September Supper Club’s theme was Harvest, and in keeping with its name all the ingredients were sourced from two local farms: Green Meadow Farm in Gap, PA and Erdenheim Farm in Whitemarsh, PA. Our culinary team wowed with a four course tasting menu starting with Vegetable Anitpasti and moving onto […]

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Why an incredible number of Tweens are employing

Unless you live via a teenager, you’ve i suppose seldom heard of Musical. Ly. If you do, after that you’ve i suppose currently came in another of the body’s kid’s songs videos. Either a DIY music-video app 1st came on a scene in 2014, but exploded right to the surface of the either a […]

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