2016 Jimmy Dunn Tournament Weekend

2016 Jimmy Dunn Tournament Program and Weekend Schedule

The draws for the 2016 Jimmy Dunn Tournament Weekend are available here:

Doubles & Singles Racquets

Jock Soutar Singles – Final on Sunday at 1:00 pm
Jock Soutar Doubles – Final on Sunday at 2:00 pm

Squash Super A Singles

Squash A Singles

Squash B Singles

Squash C Singles

Squash D Singles

Ladies Squash Singles
Singles Squash
Super […]

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Summer Membership

Each summer, Philadelphians routinely have contrasting views on the overall activity in the city during our traditionally humid season.  Some are of the theory that the city becomes vacant, losing its residents to an ocean breeze that can only be felt at the neighboring Shore Points in New Jersey.  Not everyone though, spends their […]

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The Gold Leaf Cafe

The Lunch Counter is now the Gold Leaf Café!

The Racquet Club is proud to announce a new concept for our lunch restaurant, which is now called the Gold Leaf Café. So named for the gold leaf paint that tournament winners’ names are immortalized on the Fourth Floor, the new café serves a complement of […]

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Gourmand Dinner

The Food & Beverage Department recently launched a new dining concept: The Gourmand Dinner. The brainchild of Front of House Manager  Carmen Picard and Chef Nick Lisotto, the dinner is the perfect opportunity for both to get creative and have a little fun while providing a delicious experience for our members. The concept is […]

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The Vision of the Club

The Vision of The Racquet Club

I have been the general manager at RCOP for nearly two years now, and what an incredible journey it has been!  As we continue to seek innovative methods to improve our facilities and services, we are reminded that we must adapt to the changes of a constantly evolving market.  […]

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