Each summer, Philadelphians routinely have contrasting views on the overall activity in the city during our traditionally humid season.  Some are of the theory that the city becomes vacant, losing its residents to an ocean breeze that can only be felt at the neighboring Shore Points in New Jersey.  Not everyone though, spends their time “down the shore” each summer.  Others insist that a burst of energy arrives with the flock of summer tourists, the opening of pop-up gardens, countless festivals and events, and more.  So which is it?  Do Philadelphians retreat from the muggy city to explore the rewards of the coast or does the city flourish with an influx of outdoor activity and events during the summer months?   Well, it appears that both views share accuracy and have parallels with the Summer Membership Program at The Racquet Club

The Racquet Club’s membership, for decades, has generally participated in the mass exodus to the Jersey Shore.  The clubhouse oftentimes felt empty and lifeless since many members would enjoy long weekends and extended vacations, but there remained an ongoing buzz outside the Club doors and throughout the city.  The realization that a trial membership could be created for this “down” time at the Club became the catalyst for the Summer Membership program.  The Racquet Club developed the summer program as a means to attract this group of individuals that valued the benefits of city life in the summer.  For over a decade, the summer membership at The Racquet Club has been Philadelphia’s best kept secret.  Complimentary athletic clinics combined with an attractive rate and access to one of the best weekly happy hours in the city has promoted an energizing atmosphere during a traditionally slow time at the Club.    This summer has also proven to be a successful season as we welcomed 110 new summer members to the Clubhouse and have already received over 30 applications to convert to fully vested members of the Club this September.

Although Philadelphia tends to miraculously feel both vacant and vibrant during the summer season, The Racquet Club has had over ten years of success by securing a balance that many city clubs struggle to achieve during the summer.  The Summer Membership program has become a signature staple at our fine Club and it is here to stay each and every summer, even if everyone else is down the shore.